Phoenix Athletics and Triathlon club

Not half bad!



Sunday 25th saw Phoenix Athletes attack the Brighton half Marathon and Youth Races.


In a cruel twist, the final 5km was against a cold, mean easterly wind. All the more well done to the 25 Phoenix runners who competed and to Ian Leitch for finishing in 8th.


In the Brighton Half Marathon youth miles a warm congratulation goes out to:

Mathew Noakes for his first position and Molly Edwards (2nd girl, 17th overall) in the 7-10year old races.
Ravi Clark for his 3rd position (4th overall) in the 11-12 year old races.
In the 13-14 year race there was a first position for Cassius Hebden and Milly Dickinson (5th overall) and silver for Mia Edwards (9th overall)
Whilst in the 15-17years race there was a 5th for Joel Luscombe and 3rd (9th overall) for Holly Luscombe.


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