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Marathon Weekend : update!


Marathon Weekend

The 9th Brighton Marathon weekend took place on the weekend of 15-16th April with it's usual festival atmosphere of some 18,000 runners and 150,000 spectators.

A later start, to help those travelling into Brighton, and an altered course, to reduce runner congestion and impact on local business, were amongst some of the changes.

The Mini Miles saw maxi participation with some 17 Phoenix athletes taking part. An especially huge well done to Corbin Bailey, Jasper Simons, Vincent Pegley, Toby Roberts and Finley Hawkins who were the only Phoenix athletes in the U11 and U13 races.

The 10km saw 4 pbs and a 6th place...well done to Ross Skelton for achieving this and for Steve Atkinson, David Gifford and Cristina Lawrence for new pbs.

The main marathon event saw (we think!) some 21Phoenix runners. Of note was Ian Leitch for finishing 4th in 2:25:08 - a new pb. Further pbs / debuts were achieved by Alex Cruttenden, Tom Hooper, Paul Wishart, Karn Sandilands, Jack Donaghy, Sean Butchers, Cameron Hutton, Cyril Crua, Will Russell, Phil Grabsky and Hannah Felton. There may be others - please let us know! Hats off to all who ran...

Please note...the results site is incomplete so please let us know if your results are missing.




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